Frequently asked questions

For a complete list of FAQ for all Powerslide skates, please visit our FAQ section from our website:
Powerslide FAQs
For FAQ related to specific to the boots ordered via MyPowerslide, please see below:

1: When can I expect my custom boots once I’ve placed my order?

Delivery time is approximately 10 weeks.

2: How accurate is the digital preview of my custom boots?

The digital preview that you create is the closest representation of the final outcome. When you create your design, please consider that different quality monitors and screens will slightly alter colours.

Ensure your screen is on its brightest / clearest setting and try each colour and textile on different parts of the boot before selecting it.

3: Once an order is placed, can it be cancelled?

Unfortunately not; once payment is received the order goes immediately to production and cannot be cancelled.

4: How can I be sure about the size of my custom boots?

All custom boots are made with the same last (e.g. internal dimensions) used for our standard Powerslide, USD and Chaya skates. Please refer to our sizing charts to ensure you have the correct size, as once the production process has begun, the size of the boots can´t be changed.

For the most accurate Mondopoint measurement, always measure your feet wearing the socks you plan to skate in. Also consider some extra space for comfort. We recommend adding 3-5mm extra space to your foot measurement for comfort.

Tips on choosing your perfect size
To choose the right size for your custom boot, we suggest following this simple procedure, for which you’ll need a sheet of paper, a pen and a ruler:

  • With the paper sheet flat on the floor, place your foot in the middle of it whilst wearing your sport/skating socks;
  • Stand up and put your leg in a skating position, with your knee bent slightly over your toes;
  • With the pen, draw around the shape of your foot. Make sure you don’t stick the tip of the pen under the edge of your foot!
  • Remove your foot from the paper;
  • With the ruler, measure the length of the 2 farthest points of your foot´s shape in millimetres;
  • Repeat this procedure for both feet.

5: Where will my order ship from?

All orders within Europe will be sent from our warehouse in Germany, orders from the rest of the world will be shipped directly from our manufacturer.

6: How do I submit a claim?

Please submit your claims to: